In May 2011, Skyworks Solutions acquired Isolink, the leading supplier of high performance and high quality optoelectronic radiation tolerant components worldwide. Through this acquisition, Skyworks is pleased to offer customers an even broader product portfolio and continue creating best-in-class solutions.

Through Isolink, Skyworks now provides products and services to hi-reliability, military, aerospace, hybrid, industrial, medical and telecommunications markets, with the ability to manufacture high-performance miniature hybrids and hermetically sealed devices. Isolink pioneered the miniaturization of some of the most advanced optoelectronic components and this expertise in optoelectronic components enables us to manufacture products of high quality, achieving high isolation voltages, high common mode rejection and radiation tolerance for high demand environments.

We are committed to working with our customers from program inception to the final implementation, even under the most demanding design and application challenges. We are proud to provide innovative products, custom solutions with uncompromising quality, and on-time delivery.

For more information about our optoisolator products, please visit Isolink .

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