Skyworks’ diode product offering includes PIN, limiter, Schottky, and varactor diodes for a wide variety of microwave applications including WLAN, infrastructure, handset, Satcom (LNB/DBS-CATV), automotive, military, aerospace and defense, test & measurement, metering, medical and RFID. Our discrete silicon semiconductor products cover frequency ranges including low frequency, HF, VHF, UHF, L band, S band, C band, X band, Ku band, K band and Ka band.

We produce standard die, plastic packaged, surface mount technology (SMT), and wafer on film frame diode products.

Skyworks, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Isolink, provides high quality, high-reliability products for high demand environments with our selection of epoxy and ceramic hermetic packaged diodes. Upscreened versions are also available for packaged and bare die devices.

All diode products are manufactured using the most advanced processes and leadership technology.

Select Diodes Available from Stock for Prototype or High Volume Production

Limiter Diodes Core components for receiver protection applications.

PIN Diodes - Superior building blocks for switch and attenuator applications.

Switching Silicon PIN Diodes

Attenuator PIN Diodes

Schottky Diodes- Designed for high performance, high volume and cost sensitive mixer and detector applications.

Varactor Diodes- Ideal for VCO, VCXO, voltage controlled filters and phase shifter products.

High Quality Factor (Abrupt) Varactor Diodes

Wide Tuning Range (Hyperabrupt) Varactor Diodes

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