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PMU with OVP Dynamic Li-ion Charger

The AAT3607 is a member of the Skyworks Total Power Management IC (TPMIC™) product family that functions as a highly integrated power management unit (PMU) for MP3/MP4 players and other handheld applications. It integrates a single-cell Lithium Ion/Polymer battery dynamic charger module powered from an AC/DC adapter or USB port, three 120° phase shifted synchronous 1.6 MHz DC-DC step-down converters and two LDOs for the system.

The typical input power source for the AAT3607 is a single-cell Li-ion battery. The charger can be powered from either a currentlimited USB port or an AC/DC adapter, with charge current programmed by two separate external resistors and selected by a logic input pin. With the device’s dynamic charging feature, a system connected to the AAT3607 can draw power from the power supply without a battery, or charge the battery with the power left over from the system. If the power supply has limited current capability, the system draws power from both the limited power supply source and the battery.

The battery charger is a complete constant current/constant voltage linear charger. It offers an integrated pass device, reverse blocking protection, high accuracy current and voltage regulation, charge status, and charge termination. The charging current is programmable by means of an external resistor up to 1 A.

The AAT3607 also includes over-voltage input protection (OVP), under-voltage lockout (UVLO), and over-temperature protection (OTP) to protect the PMU under fault conditions.

The three integrated step-down converters operate under synchronous PWM control with a 1.6 MHz switching frequency and internal compensation, decreasing both size and quantity of external components. The phase shift feature allows ripple cancellation between the three converters when all are running with nominal load.

The AAT3607 is available in a thermally enhanced 28-pin 4 mm  4 mm TQFN package with exposed pad.


  • VIN operating range: 4.1 V to 5.5 V
  • Over-voltage input protection
  • Functional without battery connected
  • Dynamic Li-ion charger:
    • Charge enable control
    • Two programmable/selectable charging currents up to 1 A
    • Programmable end of charge current
    • Charge current reduction
    • Thermal loop charge reduction
    • Reverse blocking
  • Three 1.6 MHz synchronous programmable step-down converters:
    • 120 switching phase shift
    • Three independent enable controls
    • Buck 1: 400 mA
    • Buck 2: 300 mA
    • Buck 3: 300 mA
  • Two programmable and separate enable LDOs:
    • LDO1: 150 mA
    • LDO2: 150 mA
  • Fault protection scheme:
    • Under-voltage lockout (UVLO)
    • Over-temperature protection (OTP)
  • Fast turn-on time
  • Built-in soft-start and power on reset
  • Low standby current
  • Thermally enhanced TQFN (28-pin, 4 mm x 4 mm) package (MSL1, 260 ºC per JEDEC J-STD-020)
ProductName : AAT3607
Battery Charger Type : Linear
Number of Step-up Switching Regulators : 0
Number of Step-down Switching Regulators : 3
Number of LDO Regulators : 2
Min. VIN (V) : 4.1
Max. Regulator VIN (V) : 5.5
Max Charger VIN (V) : 5.5
Max Charger Protected VIN (V) : 7.5
Max. Charge Current (mA) : 1000
Max. Single/ Channel Output Current (mA) : 400/300/300/150/150
Min. Single/ Ch Output Voltage (V) : 0.6
Max Step-up Output Voltage (V) : N/A
Output Voltage Control : Enables/GPIO
Operating Frequency (kHz) : 1600
Package (mm) : TQFN 28L, 4 x 4 x 0.75
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