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20mΩ P-Ch SmartSwitch for UMPC Battery Charging Applications

The AAT4681 SmartSwitch enables separate AC adapter and USB chargers to independently control a single low RDS(ON) power MOSFET in linear and power switch modes for 6V single-cell Li-ion applications in 7-and 5-Amp versions. Though specifically designed for use with Gate Control from a Qualcomm PMU, the AAT4681 can be used with any PMU USB charger. A 20V version without the SmartSwitch is available for multi-cell Li-ion applications.


  • Single-Cell 6V Device (Multi-Cell 20V Device available)
  • Dual Independent Gate Controls
  • Independent Linear and Power Switch States
  • 3mm x 3mm TDFN-10L Package
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
Data Sheets AAT4681 Data Sheet 202246B.pdf (1569 KB)
Designer Info AAT4681 Block Diagram AATI_BD_346.jpg (59 KB)
ProductName : AAT4681
BVDSS (V) : -20
Configuration : Single P
ID (Max.) (A) : ñ7
PD (W) : 2
RDS(ON) @ VGS = -2.5V (mΩ) : N/A
RDS(ON) @ VGS = -4.5V (mΩ) : 18
Typical Gate Charge QG (nC) : -13.6
Package (mm) : TDFN 10L, 3 x 3 x 0.75
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