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Compact Integrated 600mA Switching Converter with 4-Channel 300mA LDO Regulator

The AAT2614 is a multiple rail power management integrated circuit. It integrates a 600mA switching regulator and four fully integrated 300mA low dropout (LDO) regulators in a small Pb-free 3mm x 3mm, 20-pin TQFN package or in a 1.65mm x 1.65mm, 16-bump CSP-0.4 package making it ideal for space-constraint systems.

The step-down converter is a monolithic synchronous converter, which integrates its compensation network and features up to 90% efficiency. It operates at 2MHz and uses a tiny 2.2μH inductor with a small 10μF output capacitor. At no load, AAT2614 current consumption is typically equal to 260μA. Each LDO operates with a small 1μF output capacitor and only two 2.2μF input capacitors are required for the inputs. All regulators include a separate enable providing a convenient solution to implement any power-up and power-down sequencing. All output voltages are factory One Time Programmable (OTP). The typical regulation accuracy is +/-1% for all channels. With their separate inputs the linear regulators can use the switcher’s output as their input power, in order to reduce drop out voltage and improve efficiency.

AAT2614 is a safe solution, which integrates an over-current limit for each channel and over-temperature protection. The device is rated over a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.


  • Small: 3mm x 3mm TDFN 20-pin Package or 1.65mm x 1.65mm 0.4 CSP 16 Bumps
  • Efficient: Up to 90% Efficient 600mA Switching Converter
  • Low Power: 260μA of Quiescent Current at No Load When all the Channels are Enabled
  • Flexible: Separate Power Inputs and Separate Enables
  • Safe: Over-Current and Over-Temperature Protections
Data Sheets AAT2614 Data Sheet AAT2614_202209B.pdf (3893 KB)
Designer Info AAT2614 Block Diagram AATI_BD_331.jpg (65 KB)
ProductName : AAT2614
Battery Charger Type : N/A
Number of Step-up Switching Regulators : N/A
Number of Step-down Switching Regulators : 1
Number of LDO Regulators : 4
Min. VIN (V) : 2.5
Max. Regulator VIN (V) : 5.5
Max Charger VIN (V) : N/A
Max Charger Protected VIN (V) : N/A
Max. Charge Current (mA) : N/A
Max. Single/ Channel Output Current (mA) : 600/300
Min. Single/ Ch Output Voltage (V) : 1.0/1.8
Max Step-up Output Voltage (V) : N/A
Output Voltage Control : Fixed
Operating Frequency (kHz) : 2000
Package (mm) : TQFN 20L, 3 x 3 x 0.75,
or 16-bump CSP-0.4, 1.65 x 1.65
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